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 Hi There.....Have you missed me?

I was in Center Parcs in De Eemhof last weekend and didn't have time for blogging as you can imagine. I was there with my husband, daughter, son in law and my granddaughter. I had a great time swimming, walking, playing with my granddaughter but afterward, my muscles were completely sore and stiff.  😭

Haha.....I know crying won't make the pain go away. 

But in the package I was gifted this summer by Aloeverademallorca there was a product that could make me feel better. 

Aloë vera hot/cold gel with chili oil and 83 % aloë vera

This is what Aloeverademallorca says about their hot/cold gel:

The combination of the Aloë Vera gel with chili oil and menthol provides a warm and comfortable feeling. It relaxes the muscles in for instance neck, back or legs. The cold and hot effect relieves your tendon or joint pain.

So I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised by the menthol scent of this product. That is a big plus for me cause I hate it when everybody can tell when you use this kind of produce. Must say I have no complaints about this gel cause for me it did as promised. It eased my pain after a few minutes and I felt a lot better. 

Today I wanted to show you some of the other things they have in store for you 😊

Aloë vera juice 250ml

Aloë vera hand- and feet cream (40 % Aloë vera)

Aloë vera shaving cream

Aloë vera body butter

You can read more about their after-sun product on my blog on the 24th of August If you want you can read more about the company on my blog on the 4th of August
And stay tuned to find out more about the other 2 products I received.
Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

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Cold Gel with Hot Chili? That sounds like a contradiction! 😂


I know but it works :)

Looks like some good products. :D
I love how versatile aloe is. My husband has difficulty sleeping at night because his mouth is either dry, or making too much spit. He started chewing a piece of aloe when laying down to go to sleep, and it has fixed his problem!


oh wow that sounds great too :)

Hahahah de Eemhof that’s so nice! And I am going to Mallorca in two weeks so maybe I can buy that crème


oh now I am really jealous I just love Mallorca - been there 3 times :)

Hey there! Thank you for using the steemitmamas tag and banner, we love having you as part of our group.

I love hearing about grandparents spending time with their grandchildren, but am sorry to hear that you were sore :(

Thank you for sharing some of your cures.

@metzli curating for steemitmamas.


I love being part of the group tx :)

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