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About OnePageX:

More options. Less restrictions.
Convert assets instantly with OnePageX
Source OnePageX.com
My review and description inspired from OnePageX.com – OnePageX is a website featuring an excellent online market to exchange cryptoassets like $STEEM, $BTC and around 140 total cryptoassets plus more counting.

The features I love about OnePageX are it's speed and decentral nature of transactions. The greatest feature I like is the widget that can be embedded into our websites and webpages.
We only require to post a code in our website script to feature this resplendent widget. To view this embedded widget in action on a website, please check my blog https://ak5hay.blogspot.com

OnePageX and CateredContent regularly host many interesting bounties and contests, where many of us can win a lotta great prizes for free. I have won many a times thanks to them and you all, therefore I will forever feel grateful to you all for everything.

About OnePageX
Website – OnePageX.com
Steemit – @OnePageX

Thank you and have a great time everyone.

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