Gravity Protocol

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A lot of people use different words to describe different systems. For example, words like “platform” are commonplace. We believe that using the right words to describe things aids in making better products, so we use word Ecosystem to describe Gravity.

Nature shows us that even the most sprawling trees spring from humble (and centralized) beginnings as a simple seed. And a project like ours begins with one seed as well, created by the Gravity core team. But as every seed contains within it the blueprint for a tree or a vegetable, our blueprint has a whole ecosystem in mind. One of the main goals of our ecosystem is to bridge the gap between the old world of centralized corporations and the new decentralized world of small highly efficient autonomous teams/companies/communities.

To that end, right now the Gravity Ecosystem consists of three things:
Gravity Protocol — all of our previous articles were about Gravity Protocol, so you’re probably familiar with that, but just to be comprehensive, it is a free, open-source, decentralized blockchain and all free & open source libraries and modules that extend its core functionality.

Gravity Solutions Gmbh — a new company incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, which aims to provide commercial solutions based on Gravity Protocol and work with system integrators, which are part of the next group.

Independent Developer Teams — Gravity Protocol provides tools that make developing on top of Gravity Protocol interesting to independent teams. There is a pool of funds, that can be used to support independent developers, and businesses, aiming to broaden the toolset available to everyone in the Gravity Ecosystem. Independent Developer Teams could be teams working on the Gravity Protocol itself, or someone such as a system integrator, or even a business built on top of Gravity Protocol. image

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