Installed Ubuntu on my pc - My very first linux installation


Hey good peoples of steem blockchain, how are you all doing? I hope all are doing good as like me though the current price of steem is enough to make someone sad. Let's forget about it. Just wait till the launch of smt and then enjoy the journey to moon of steem.
By the way i am not here to do crypto analysis but wanted to share about my personal life. Generally i try to post on steemit between 10 Am-02 Pm(local time) but today am posting this post at 12:20 Am. Have a guess why i am late. Because i have passed all the time of today behind my pc as i installed ubuntu linux for the first time. I am new on ubuntu and had passed my all time of today googling and searching on youtube about ubuntu stuffs. As i am new i was in need of help and as always @reazuliqbal helped me out. I am very much thankful to him.

I was using windows 8.1 before and faced many lagging issue(should happen with my low config laptop). I heard linux is bit lite and it is mostly used by experts, that's why i thought of using ubuntu and reazul bro helped me out choosing the best onr for me.. He told me to install linux mint or ubuntu, as i heard of ubuntu before i choose it though i don't know anything about both.

After setting up i understood why experts use it. It's really too much lite and i became fan of it on the very first use. I installed ubuntu on dual boot so that i can return anytime on windows if anything goes wrong. But after using sometime, i am thinking of never returning on windows. Here i am providing some screenshot of my ubuntu screen below-
Screenshot from 2018-09-07 17-30-49.png
Screenshot from 2018-09-07 17-31-20.png
Screenshot from 2018-09-07 17-31-36.png

If anyone of this post readers wants to install ubuntu you can follow this video which i had followed. This is a complete tutorial in Bengali which will help you in installing ubuntu and i think this is the best tutorial in Bengali for instruction of installing ubuntu. If you are outside of Bangladesh you can search for other English tutorials. There are many tutoruials on youtube just pic one, follow and install.

This is the end of my blog. Thanks for your time to read my blog.

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See you guys later.
Till then stay safe, be happy and keep doing good things.
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I think it is possible to be much more productive on Linux. All the software is freely available to get things done.

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