Ode to Feather

22일 전

Remembering the day we met Feather the chicken.


It was a day at the zoo and we were making the rounds to see all the animals that we could.

Then we found a poor bird with a gimp leg and the boys were so happy to be able to pet her and talk to her.

2013-01-26 14.38.13.jpg

Feather obviously did not want small children chasing her because she could not walk well. But after a few escape efforts, she gave in and let the boys get close. She found out that the boys only wanted to be friends with her.

2013-01-26 14.39.30.jpg

We ended up missing part of the zoo but gained a friend.

Since then, the zoo has closed and is being renovated. There will be no animals to speak of when it fully reopens, but there will be no charge to get in either.

I was there a few months ago and did not see any sign of Feather but she is well remembered by a couple of kids who spent some time with her.

sponge bob.jpg

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Los niños siempre quieren tocar todo y les encanta los animales sienten curiosidad como sera esa sensación de sus plumas. Es una animal muy tranquilo que se dejo tocar. @sponge-bob

Children always want to touch everything and they love animals, they are curious how that feeling of their feathers will be. It is a very quiet child that was touched. @sponge-bob

It is important for city children to know farm animals and understand that the food we eat comes from them.

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Eso es un gallo muy grande. veo que la insistencia de los niños por querer tocarla dio su frutos que lograron tocarla, normalmente en los zoológicos los animales esta muy acostumbrados a los humanos ya que siempre les llevan comida y los animales se acostumbran a eso..

Saludos desde Venezuela.


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