Sunny Day - Tools and Puppets

2년 전

Finding precious photos of my little ones now that they are not so little. Today, The smallest competes for scariness with his puppet...


... and the elder of the two spends the day burning everything in site on the terrace.


The other day the scientist in this photo had asked me for a financial program I had written back in 2007. I pulled out one of my older external drives and dug into the programs I had written for Windoze back when there was still hope for that virus welcoming disaster.

Searching for it

It took a long time to find my old source code, mostly due to the photos of the boys as youngsters that had me remembering the old days. These newly found photos are feeding my most recent posts.

I found the program called "Mango" and sent it to him, but not before spending an entire day opening hundreds of photos and videos. Then I moved on to testing, virus scanning, and running a Win7 virtual machine to test an installation.

In my country money is called 'mangos' - So I named the app Mango

I am glad to be forced into an old drive of mine. Glad to find the photos that I am presenting now, and glad to know that my grown-up kids are looking to track their money, budget, and bills using my old program.

sponge bob.jpg

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Hola @sponge-bob, si deseas puedes compartirme tu programa "Mangos", Saludos desde la distancia.

Looking back at old family pictures have the power to put smile on our faces. You've got cute little ones.

Some great moments to cherish for

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