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And maybe you can add some funnels to promote your articles or your new brand... including the principal information for that...

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An Amazing Post , really helpful information to succeed and boost Your Traffic

for my second business, Instagram is probably the most important. too bad you can't predict the right time there... :/


Hey, ya it makes it difficult!


Check out the full report at Hootsuite (link is in the post). They may have listed your second business.


Thank you. :-)

Great information i learn a lot hope I can apply this to have a huge profit my online steemit

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Thanks. Thats the plan!

@steeminfobot yes your information is very useful but a person has to have a good number of audience on his/her Facebook , Instagram or any other social media platforms
What you think am i right ?


Hey, TY. Yes I agree, developing a good follower base is very important(and can be difficult to establish).

Great...good information


Thanks for reading!

Very cool and useful knowledge! I will certainly use some of these suggestions to improve my blogging game.


Awesome, glad you found it useful. :-)

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