How Readable is Your Content? - Five steps to more persuasive writing

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Thanks to attacks from @gtg this accounts is closed.

Also I have my blogs compiled into eBooks on Amazon.

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Do you got some weird fucking problem with people just chatting under a blog? then your flagging. A little extreme don't ya think?

Very well thought out article and good advise. Question am I the only one who see that the images in all articles don't show up?


The images don't show up? They do on my feed. I'll see if it's something on my end.

Ok, nice tips. Resteemed to be read later, thank you dear bot:)

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Muy buen articulo para las personas que vamos empezando en esta plataforma
Esto me a hecho entender de una forma muy general
El como y porque la estructura llamativa en el marketing

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It is pretty funny:
"Tell them what you are going to tell them,
tell them,
then tell them what you told them."
But I love your idea, cus I always write all the articles like that!

There is one issue I want to disagree about "number of letters per word: more letters, more difficult to read." I think that it works just with sentences, not with words, because if there is one perfectly fitting word, then you have to use it, even if it has ten characters. But it's just my opinion.