The Truth about Your Project Blog - Week 2: Planning a consistent project blog

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Thanks to attacks from @gtg this accounts is closed.

Also I have my blogs compiled into eBooks on Amazon.

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you know the most important quality that every steemians need to have is that planning for blogging. it been round 8 months since I joind steem. but my success and growth in the platform is not as such satisfactory. as I have learned, the main problem in my post was that it lacks consistency and were not customer interest based. simply jumping from one idea to another. Know your post confirmed me to change the way I have been doing on the platform. I think it also need further assistance and guidance from experienced steemians like you. can I contact you for further lesson, if possible please.
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Thank you so much for these free tips. I admit I blog a few years ago until today but none of those domain name go to spotlight. Probably, I didn't do it the right way and I still have a large room for improvement.