Something's Changing

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I don't know what.

And I don't know whether it will be good or bad. But there's a definite atmospheric shift going on. Perhaps it's just me, or perhaps other people are feeling it, too.

Because that happens, sometimes. Sometimes, when big changes are brewing in the world, people can sense it. And not in any kind of mystical, mumbo-jumbo way. It's just a matter of the way the world is structured. Everything is connected, like a big and messy spider's web.

Every thread is tied to a thousand other threads, so when something big is brewing, it tends to send out little foreshocks into the lives of everyone everywhere. When lots of people feel a change coming on, they're usually right.

And when a single person feels a change coming on, they're usually right, too. Except that, in their case, the change is usually isolated to just their own life.

And this is actually what I'm hoping for, because the change I really want is a personal change. And I think you all know what that change is. Needless to say, but I would love to get a good agent, and land a good publishing contract.

But if I am wrong, and the change is actually a big change that other people can also feel coming, then I guess I have no choice but to accept it.

Though It's Kind of a Scary Prospect

Once again, I don't know if what is coming will be a good thing or a bad thing, or even what aspect of the world it will affect the most. Readers of this blog will notice that I try to steer clear of political topics. And I'm not saying that the coming change will be political.

But I also can't promise that it will not be political. On several fronts, and in several fields, the world seems to be approaching a tipping point.

But it occurs to me that I'm being vague and unhelpful. Allow me to clarify.

More Specifically

In my own life, at least, big changes tend to cluster together. Big disasters tend to all hit at the same time, and big opportunities tend to arrive in one car.

For example, the last time I was unemployed, I went for nearly a year without any job offers. For a while, it seemed like I was doomed to be out of work forever. Then, all at once, I got several job offers within a week of each other.

And there have been many other times where good things happen to myself and people around me, all within the same narrow window of time. The same goes for bad things--unrelated tragedies that strike several people in my circle, all within the same span.

And now just feels like one of those times. Maybe it will just be my life that changes. Or maybe it will be everyone's.

But something is definitely happening. And I don't know whether I should be afraid or excited. I'm hoping for excited. I really want there to be a good change in my own life, at least.

What do you think?

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Definitely all good things and bad things are coming like waves! Yeah I also was unemployed for a year of time and no one accepted my CV! Either it has higher qualification or lower! Anyway, then I got few job offers at once and I was again in a trouble to find a good one lol :D
Life is a series of good and bad experiences! But at the end either way you can make a success story!


Hi @talanhorne the time and your own work can affect you positive or negative, so each person will eat the fruits they planted, great writing as always. Regards

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excellent Blog.
Thanks @talanhorne
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Excellent writing my dear friend and your writing skills are very good . Thank you very much for sharing with us

Good evening @talanhorne, I think you have a very good intuition, you must be totally positive, attracts positive energies so that what comes is good.
As for everything that comes to you at once, this also happens to other people, see the universe gives you according to your energy. Quite positivism and if it is a bad thing to face it with intelligence and solve the problem do not let yourself be overwhelmed.
Happy night:)

when you get a good publisher, your life shall change in the right way. wish you all the best. @talanhorne

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With your talent of writing, you'll change the life where it's flowing. Congratulations, it's not far away.

@talanhorne - Sir don't worry, everything will be alright & change will help you to make a wonderful future... It's a bless for us too Sir... When your life change in good, you share that information with us... So, we can use it to change our lives also... God bless you Sir...


What you do present can change your future. With your skills & experiences of past, you'll change your future. Steemit can help us to see your success of life.

Hello @talanhorne,

Extraordinary good writing. You doubt how that change impact on you. It'll effect you in a good way.


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Change is always good it gives a new way to start in life

Don't need to be worry for everything. Life can change with hard effort. Son only need to keep positive mind. Then after life can handle following better ways. Best writing thoughts indeed there.

We love to read your reviews & blogging. this is amazing blog and interesting. Thanks for writing with us.

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When lots of people feel a change coming on, they're usually right.

I hope it includes crypto prices in a good way. I feel something coming as well. Hopefully it’s not end times. Some change is definitely coming and whether it’s good or bad we will eventually find out. As you said, let’s hope it’s good.


Well, today has certainly been an energetic one for the markets. Maybe the world is finally waking up to the idea that fiat currency, with all its problems, is no longer necessary?

I wonder what change would it be? Politically? I don’t see bright future. Steem? Yes definately! Your book being finally published?🤞! We need some change, it’s sooo quiet lately.


That's just it: it's been too quiet, in many ways. Can't help but feel that something big is brewing somewhere.

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@talanhorne, Well said about life reality using best thoughts. I agree with your someone. Probably peoples need to be change their style for best revolution.

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And I don't know whether I should be afraid or excited. I'm hoping for excited. I really want there to be a good change in my own life, at least.

Your life will change in good way. Because, following your articles change lives of others in good way. Excellent writing.

There are so many publications about our life. Life always being change. New facts coming then oldest facts removing. Without new life style cannot go further.

What a wonderful blog post sir i love your work a lot,thank you @talanhorne sir

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