I Miss Cosplaying And Attending Conventions... I miss my bestie~~ TT_TT


Lately, I've been missing out a lot on cosplay conventions. In the Philippines, the cosplay community is getting more and more popular. I attended my first cosplay convention around seven years ago. It wasn't very popular then, so there are only one or two events in a year.

These days, there are events every month! Sometimes, there are even two to three events in a single month. And guess what? I have only attended one this year and I didn't even get to cosplay. T_T

I'm missing the cosplay community and my cosplayer friends. Well, we do keep in touch but there is this tiny bit of envy when I see their pictures on FB attending events and cosplaying. haha~

I chatted with one of my cosplayer friends recently and he pointed out my absence in events. He was like, "Are you still alive? I haven't seen you in events for a long time!" Well, I can understand that because in the past, we used too bump into each other every event there is.

This coming October, another big event is going to happen. It's not just for cosplayers but also for gamers, hobbyists, otaku and the like. It's a yearly event which I used to attend to as well. I've attended it yearly since 2013, but I actually missed it last year. My friend was "pressuring" me to go even just as a congoer (meaning... as an ordinary person). I'm not sure whether I'll go or not, though... but I want. hahaha~

So yeah, let me share some cosplays I did in the past... be it an anime character or simply an original character.


Cosplaying Chopper seemed so natural for me. He has this fun-loving and crazy character which is pretty similar to me, so I really enjoyed cosplaying him.


Duofie with my Chopper plushie which my Japanese friend got from the arcade. He knew how crazy I am over One Piece, so when he visited Cebu, he gave me a lot of One Piece stuff. <3


An original character which I call "Halloween Princess". lol~ I was just goofing around the house and tried out this character. I guess I wore this makeup during my classes that time on Halloween. My students were happy, so yeah.. it was a good thing to do.

I cosplayed as Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). Staying in character was challenging for me because Enma Ai and Shei are very different. She doesn't smile, and the happy me had to endure not smiling during the event. hahaha~

By the way, that sexy guy beside me is the cosplayer friend who was looking for my presence in conventions. hahahaha~ I really like his team because they're so friendly and fun. I hope to see them again.

Yuri original character cosplay? hahaha~ We were just fooling around though. This was taken 6 years ago and it was my first time to cosplay. The girl with me is my University junior and we're both fujoshi. (We don't like Yuri, but for the sake of fun, we did this pose. Our group was a crazy bunch!)

I miss these people. I guess the last time we went to an event together was three years ago. Two years ago, only a few of us came because the others went abroad (like my bestie) and other friends had to work, etc. Last year, I was only with my bestie's cousin, the girl beside me in the picture above. Well, we didn't go together, but we met up with each other during the event for a short chat.

Among all the cosplay conventions I attended in the past, the most memorable would be this one. It happened five years ago. My bestie and I used to work the night shift. The even was on a Saturday (our day off). The night before, we were working and after work in the morning, we met up with each other and went directly to the event. Yes, without sleep. hahahaha~ We both endured staying up for more than 24 hours. We got home around 10 in the evening, I guess? The venue was far from our house. Why did we endure?

We endured to see this awesome cosplayer, Reika-sama! <3 Reika Arikawa is a cosplay goddess from Osaka, Japan. It was my and my bestie's first time to see an international cosplayer. Reika is a huge celebrity in the cosplay world, so we were very lucky to see her. What is sleep when you get to see your girl crush? lol

It's quite natural for me to have girl crushes.. haha~ but what made me amazed that time was my bestie. When she saw Reika in person, she was in awe. She never stopped telling me how beautiful Reika is and how great her skin was. hahaha~ I miss my bestie.

Actually, one of the reasons why I no longer go to most events is because my bestie isn't here. We used to go to events together, so it feels so different going to events without her. I hope to go to conventions again... with my bestie. I also want to try cosplaying again... in the future. <3

Until here... See you next time!

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Aww reminiscing old times.. wow you found all the photos!
I miss going to anime conventions too! They cost a lot more to go to them here now.. and all the stalls sell expensive stuff I could go broke if I went to one haha.. cosplaying was fun though! I also volunteered one time for a convention and that was the best of them all!!

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Yep.. I uploaded pics on my FB every after event, so I got to keep them.. :) Now it stays in the blockchain forever.. lol
That's another reason why I haven't been to a lot of conventions lately. Temptation is everywhere.. You don't simply go there and go home empty handed. hahaha~
Cosplaying is fun! And going to conventions is like entering another world. <3

  ·  작년

Nice コスプレ, Nice 腐女子


Thank you!! hahaha~ 腐女子wwww yes!!!

  ·  작년

I think @justaboutart is missing quite a bit of anime nowadays as well. She doesn't watch, draw or cosplay.
I hope you have a chance to go to some conventions and hang out with your friends soon!


At least, I still have some time to watch.. hihi~ Hang in there, @justaboutart! :) I really like her Law cosplay.. ^^

I hope so, too... but it's not my priority these days sis.. hihih ^^