Hey Investors, Do You Even Know When To Sell? 99% of People Will FAIL This Test!

4년 전

When you make investment decisions, do you plan two (Or more) steps ahead? Or are you simply taking advice from peers or some "guru". Be careful what you're doing and always remember to have an EXIT STRATEGY prepared even before you buy a particular asset.

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They may ALL be compromised. You think you’re reading real information but how do you know it’s not propaganda. Make sure you do your own research

Do you have your EXIT STRATEGY prepared?

Yes we use our own ideas instead of relying on others advice.


Absolutely! That's essential.

Hey, TheMoneyGPS is on DTube! Amazing, I watch your content on YouTube. Will subscribe.


Thank you for joining me here!

Informasi sangat berguna....
Trimakasih buatbinfo nya

Thanks, you are right, there are so many people out there wanting to give you advice, its hard to know who to believe.


Never trust anyone! Always do your own due diligence and make informed choices.

yes,i listen or read peoples ideas but at the end of the day,i make my own decisions.


That's how it must be. You need to take control. Most people are really just hoping someone tells them what to do!

I apreciate the drop, time for rebuy :) Good stuff mate, keep goin !


Thank you for watching!