No need to worry

3년 전

I used to live in constant fear. Afraid to lose what you have; fear never achieve what you desire.

What if there was no hair on my head?

What if I never had a decent home?

What if my appearance suddenly turns out to be repulsive, lose its appeal?

What if I lose my job?

What if I was disabled and could not play football with my children?

What if I was old and could not feel the fullness and was not helpful to those around me?

But life always favors those who listen, and now I understand:

If there is no hair on the head, I will try to be the best bald man. And I will be grateful that the bare head of my hair still produces new ideas.

The house does not make people happy. Heart aches can not be satisfied in a large house. While the heart is filled with joy, it will bring happiness to any home.

If I take the time to improve my mind, my emotions and my intellect, instead of just looking at how I look, I'll be more beautiful every day.

If no one accepts me to work, I will do what I like - in this life is nothing compared to the freedom to express yourself?

If I can not teach children how to play soccer because of a handicap, then I will have more time to teach it how to deal with the dangers of life. This is useful for them.

As long as my health, my sharpness and physical ability age, I will give the people around me the power of faith, the depth of love, and the youthfulness of a soul. shaped by the spike of life.

Although my destiny is suffering, the bitter despair, I will still face the challenge with all my energy and bravery. Because life has given me many gifts; Each gift is lost, I will be compensated by ten other gifts. That thought helped me to be more confident and love life.

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