Seven Things to Learn for Life ...

3년 전

First, "learn to accept errors". People often refuse to admit their faults, all faults are poured into others, to think that they are true, actually do not know the error is a big mistake.

Second, "learn the peace". The teeth are very hard, the tongue is very soft, the tooth is lost all the time, but the tongue is still the same, so need to learn soft, harmony, human life can exist. long been. Keeping the mind of harmony is a great progress

Third, "study patience." This time, if the ring is a little quiet, the calm sea, back a step wide sea sky. Forbearance is to know how to handle, know the solution, use the wisdom and ability to make the story become small, the story becomes not.

Fourth, "study comprehension". Lack of mutual understanding will arise the market, dispute, misunderstanding. Everyone should understand each other, to help one another. Not understanding each other how can peace be?

Fifth, "learn to let go". Life as a suitcase, when it needs to be carried, no need to put it down, when the need to put down, it is not put down, like pulling a heavy baggage not heavy at all. Five months of life is limited, admit mistakes, respect, tolerance, make new people accept themselves, to let go is new!

Friday, "learning touches". Seeing the strengths of others we should joyfully rejoice for them, seeing the unfortunate of others should be touched. Touched is the heart of love, mind Bodhisattva, mind Bodhi; In my life, there are many stories, many words touch me, so I also try to make other people touch.

Saturday, "student survival". To survive, we must maintain a healthy body; The body is healthy not only for themselves, but also for family, friends peace of mind, so it is also behaviors for relatives.

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