Smile before the difficulties!

3년 전

How many times have we fallen, how many times have we stood up, do we remember? When money is gone, I think millions of people on earth are still hungry. I know there are millions of other people running around looking for work as I do. When love breaks, I add to my schedule of sports, entertainment or ... go to bed. I see: There are many people in the same situation as me, and they have the same feelings and thoughts as me.

Look at life with smiles

And time goes by ...

And life goes on ...

Sometimes I wobble, lurking ....

Then we will understand and regain balance.

Looks like I'm optimistic.

And when people are full, over-abundant, they will not understand and do not have the feeling of desire and hope, determination and will, energy and effort!

Knowing that I am walking on the circle of zero, I will take a long breath ... continue to fight! There are many people on this earth find the meaning of life by giving their lives to remote places, for the same suffering! But why do we see the meaningless life when starting again with two white hands? Believe it! By smiling when I fail, will see my life smile!

Because the thorns are the beautiful roses

When we have nothing left, nothing, life will give us something new, better, happier. And more importantly: at that time, we appreciate, protecting those precious gifts of life! After happiness is unhappiness and overcome misfortune will meet happiness! That is the rule!

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