Daily Poker Blog #2

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Day 2

Today was not a good day on the virtual felt. I'am not gonna complain how bad I run and all. As a Poker who have played Millions of hand at online cash and thousands of tournaments , I am now used to what we Poker players call "variance" the luck or unlucky factor of the game.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 22.13.19.png

There was really no interesting spots that happened , every decision that I made or happened is fairly standard. I just lost a lot of flips like AK<99 , QQ<AK, JJ<AK and so on and so forth. Which is fairly standard. However in the cash games that I play on an Asian site, everybody plays with 20BB only and they leave the table and comeback again with 20bb. So needless to say that variance will ramp up. We lost a lot of flips and got 3 outed at least 5 times as far as I could remember.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 22.19.20.png

The key take away that I got is to never underestimate variance. And I would like to improve my mental fortitude as well. Because I did found myself tilting (but not spewing) around the middle of my session when I was getting 3 outed and losing flips left and right. Today is not my day at the felt so I decided to quit earlier than expected. Tomorrow we will bounce back! 💪

Today's session: -$160

Thanks for reading!

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