The TH Files: Week 27: Tuesday


What Do We Do Now?

Tuesday: What do we do now?

Today was artificial intelligence research day, and were going to have a long road ahead of us. First thing we made a decision on, was that we hoped we would be able to have our AI live on a decentralized platform ie. Blockchain. Not sure how feasible that is at this point, there's going to have to be more research done before we make a hard-line decision.

Artificial General Intelligence

In time, our plan is to have an Artificial General Intelligence running a decent amount of the ToxicHustle business. Are these lofty goals? Yes and No. Yes, because we don't have anyone on our team that's currently working on artificial intelligence. No, because our goal isn't to program the AI ourselves, what we’ll do is use APIs and hook them into our system. Then we just store the results in our data structure for future business use. This will work great for us, since we already have our own internal automation system. Building the AI to control our automation system will more than triple our productivity in the shortest amount of time.

Artificial Intelligence In Music

We've already seen an increase in productivity in our music division because AI has been placed in one of our music studios. We are currently using it in our post-production process. In the next few months we will have it as a part of our production process. We are just waiting on the external Development team to finalize and fix some bugs in the initial release.

Artificial Intelligence In BBusiness

Over the last year since we began researching the feasibility for using artificial intelligence in our business, some of the elder statesman of the team, would always throw statements like, "artificial intelligence is a pipe dream" or "people have been talking about AI for years, and we still haven’t anything special." While I respect their rights to have their own opinion, the fact is I know artificial intelligence is going to leave a lot of folks unemployed very soon. Hell, we're already seeing that happening now. It's only a matter of time before artificial intelligence begins to seep into every faucet our daily lives.

My question to you is, are you ready for that? Do you have your business in place? Are you earning a passive income somewhere? Is your business or passive income source ready for AI, are you currently using it? If the answer is no, then I don't know what the hell you're waiting for!

The New Guy

Simon, one of our new hires, asked a very poignant question in the meeting today. It was a real simple one, “What do we do now? If AI is going to take the place of humans in repetitive/labor-intensive jobs, then what do we do? How do you keep up with something that's going to be smarter than everything on the planet in the near future?“

My only answer for him was, ADAPT! With every shift in technology, there’s always an opportunity in which you can be a part of the solution. Rather than make yourself redundant, and a part of the problem.

Jay "TrajicK" Jeffrey
CTO/Lead Developer
Toxichustle Media

This is a work of Augmented Fiction. Augmented Fiction is the merging of real-life and fictional scenarios. Some of the content is leading up to our fiction novel Cypher's Instinct. Any similarities to real individuals are coincidental.

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