Benefits of smile :)

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A smile does not make any loss, but gives a lot. It enriches those who receive it without impovering the person who gave birth to it. The smile just blooms on the ephemeral moment, but memories of it sometimes live a lifetime.

No matter how wealthy a person is, a smile is needed, and even the most destitute person will be made rich.

The smile nurtures family happiness, builds goodwill in business, and grows relationships in friendship, brings relaxation when we are tired, hopes for despair and light. When we are dark in trouble.

Smiles, as well as love, are things that can not be bought or borrowed, or even stolen from others. Because, then, it is just something that is forced and meaningless.

There are people who never smile with you. No matter what, you go out and give them your smile. They are the ones who do not have the smile to give, therefore, they are the ones who need your smile more than anyone else.

Please smile for everyone. We will not lose nothing, but on the contrary, will receive a lot. And share this article with your friends, so that the smile will always be radiant on everyone's lips.

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If you makes smile someone that means you give a precious😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣w and joyful moment to him........... So makes happy and smile each and everyone...