Live enough to be yourself!!!

3년 전


Be confident with what you have, to be more motivated to accomplish everything, to assert yourself ...

"Enough" to avoid the time I feel self-inflicted on myself.

Just as "enough" to know who you are and where you stand, so not arrogant with all.

Be strong enough to stand up yourself after falling and trying to overcome all difficulties.

A weak heart is too soft to make yourself tired after each fall and not enough strength to stand up and step forward. All the pain, every failure, all despair is just a small stop over a long way. If we want to reach the end of the road, we will have to walk on our own, and go with a good heart.

Enlightened to see life with a optimistic look.

This life will be too long, with all the calculations and bonuses, and will be too short with sincerity and falsehood if you look at it in the eyes of an ignorant. Should try to smile once and heartily with the people who bowed to apologize, you will see how beautiful this life is ...

Endure the ambition to live your life with dreams, so as not to waste or dang your own way with the days of no purpose.

Infinite feet can make you stray, very long and will be far away ... but unrequited dreams can take you back. Maybe everyone is living a life with many wishes, but know "enough" to not bring yourself back to a lot of hope ...

Have faith to paint your own pink for life, no matter how many gray plates.

Enough color to not mix with anybody else ...

Enough sensitivity so that my heart is not vulnerable ...

Enough refinement to not careless and indifferent before life ...

Live enough to be yourself, be yourself, not to be someone else!

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Beautiful! an invitation to strength and self-confidence. That's right, the strength is within ourselves, to overcome the difficulties and achieve success. Greetings.