Love Season!!!

3년 전

The storms bring cool air as autumn. Screw me in the blanket early in the morning when I realized that August was coming.

August is the autumn is preparing to knock. Maybe just a few cool nights over the summer, some cool rain. The sun will gradually wet the wind may. And lonely people find loneliness.

There is a very famous article that every year in August I made my heartbeat again. Because of the lyrics of it I have longed for love ...

"I bet that August is the season of love ...

The season of his hands slightly touched ...

The season of the remembrance ...

Season of the dating and the rosy cheeks girl ...

This season the wind started to cold, I went to the street people need a big hug.

This season has the rain long afternoon, I remember in the rain is the whisper of someone who misses someone.

This season, the yellow lights also became special, when the street was empty of people and lonely between the lonely.

This season adorn the love affair and swirl into the depths of the puzzle pieces have not yet found half.

Not suddenly fall in love with so much fall. The weather is soothing to calm my heart. The season also clever the party leaves fly, the leaves question the skinny shoulder, tail hair.

Still, August's love season is sad and nothing interesting ... if you're alone and you're alone, right?

I need someone's hand to cram into the baby's hand, need someone's shoulder wave waves with you every afternoon on the street where the leaves are full. I need to point to love and passionate response is very passionate. "

- the green crane

But in August this year it's sad, just like last year and the year before. Going to the supermarket, going out in the street, sitting in the coffee shop, submerged in books ... I also can not escape the feeling of craving a hug. I struggled in my little world, satisfied myself because my family was still and my body was healthy.

Without love, we are fine and very well. Just, just keep waiting, keep looking, still hope something is slim.

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