Agia Paraskevi church in the middle of the blooming city

3년 전

It's the oldest church in the city. You can find an old mosaic inside.
The whole space of the building is breathtaking, you can feel the ancient walls, and they are talking to you with masterpieces of the icon art.


Sunny day gives me the best perspective and the church looks so festive!


It's empty inside, so I've got a great chance to enjoy the silence of this holy place, to look closer to the architecture details and feel the spirit of something really big and bright.


The Municipality of Pafos does a good job in organizing cultural life of the city, the streets look better and better with every year.


I've bought some postcards, of course. :) I'm happy to send them and to share my good mood with the world.


The city overflows with colors, rustles with waves, breathes with it's hills, luring the soul into it's blooming embrace.
I am pleased to accept this invitation and to dive into the state of bliss.


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I've been there)


really?) Did you like it?

its really looks so amazing... quite and beautiful