I want to change my life


I always get so excited about betterment. Like, insanely passionate about making it happen. But you know what the biggest problem is? my inner conflicts. I need to stick to shit. Like writing daily.

I like to document my life because doing so helps me work out the kinks.

speaking of forcing myself to get out of my confort zone, today I had a random (semi-crippling) back spasm while I was bending over to wipe my ass while in his bathroom. I immediately froze and  potato-stepped out into his living room with only my underwear on and my shorts still around my ankles. 

Hi knew what a painful occurrence this was (through firsthand experience) - and took care of me like a champ as soon as I finally laid down and he got me an ice pack. The shit hurt. 

Besides that, the NEW PLACE IS DOPE AND Drama free... i'M SO STOKED ON LIFE.

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