Early Birds Catch the Worms

3년 전

Today I do give myself a good beginning, at least better than yesterday――I got up very early this morning !

At about half past four my father got up as usual. He is always getting up so early bacause of his work. My alarm rang at ten to five. Five minutes later, I struggled to get up as quickly as possible. It's not an easy thing, for I usually wake up at six or so. Moreover, yesterday I stayed up late. I slept at around half past eleven! Difficult though getting up is, I made it at last! I feel very proud as I beat my laziness.

We are the only enemy of ourself.

One thing that worries me all day is that I couldn't find my new Chinese and English books. I really remember I took them home, however, I couldn't remember where I had placed them. I am really anxious since we'll use both of them in the next term. What's worse, if I tell my teachers that I had lost two books just after a vacation, I would leave them an awful inpression! Oh my god! It almost drives me crazy555~

After I got up, I didn't go to brush my teeth or wash my face. Instead, I went straight to my study desk and began to review physics and did some questions. Though I learned related knowledge yesterday, I still feel puzzled. Some of the problems are really difficult, maybe I should turn to my teacher for help.

Now I am typing words which comes straight frome my mind without being written down. After updating this passage I will download some papers on college physics and take notes about them for my Physics Compitition.Then I 'll learn math by myself, doing some quesetions on my own.It's a hard job,but I shall try my best.

'The only person that we need to be better than is the person we were yesterday! 'Let's take action to be a more excellent person. Come on!

Thanks for reading. Bye~

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