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Last weeks post was about the shift in the projects priorities with the new emphasis on creating a playground for early adopters to play with their bots as well as giving them a chance to help guide the project through feed back(I did mention that part didn't I?).

But before I can deliver on that promise, I need testers for the game as it stands now, as well as future versions. All testers will get added to the credits within the game and maybe some other special rewards as development continues. They will get the newest versions of the game before the rest of the community to hopefully find any show stopping bugs, and to give them exclusive access to articles or videos that they want to make about the game.

First Task

The game as it stands is very rough, and hardly a game at all, so the first task for all testers is to log in to the game via their STEEM account and verify a reasonable frame rate on their computers. Allonian Seed will begin scanning your posts. I am hoping that with the increased amount of post data I can ensure that everyone gets a fair shake when it comes to rewards. When I feel the games logic is robust enough the rewards for posts will be issued.

Allonian Bot


When Allonian Seed scans a post it adds this little guy as a comment. No more no less, when awards start flowing I hope to be able to give "back pay" to everyone that has been supporting development through testing the software, based on the comments left by the bot. I didn't set out to make yet another bot on steem, but as the game is linked to the posts, and as the posts fuel your ability to play the game fully. I think its a logical thing to do.

How to help

Linux and Windows

Download the Alpha

  • Extract and navigate to the folder based on the OS you use
  • Execute the game from the folder.

Note: debugging is on so Windows users will get a console window before it starts. You can ignore the messages as long as the game is working.


A macOS version is on my todo list but unavailable as an export on my current system. Until I have a native version you can download PlayonMac -or- Crossover which allows windows applications to run on your system as a native application.

Web Version (Chrome Books)

At the current moment I cannot recommend even attempting the game in a browser based environment. Though I have exported the game as an HTML5 webapp the performance on my machine far to low to be playable. Also given the way the game talks to the back end there are several hurdles that need to be addressed before a webbased version is possible.


There is no reason why the game couldn't run on a decent smart phone. However, the game needs to be more optimized and I would need to have test hardware before releasing anything into the wild.


If you want to find out more about Allonian Seed there are some links below, and as always follow @bflanagin and @v-entertainment to keep up with all the in and outs of my projects.


Allonian Seed is (or will be) a Metroid Prime + Monster Rancher inspired bot building game built around the STEEM blockchain and ecosystem. If you want to find out more about the project or how you can help check out our fundition page here.

Current testers:


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I might have some time tomorrow to test it out, hope my resteem gets you some testers!


I appreciate it acidyo. I'd be happy with 10 or so testers at this early stage, but I'm not going to turn anyone away if they want to help.

Good luck, Team Allonian Seed !!! I hope you will get a lot of good testers and valuable data :)

Love this project, so much <3 !!!

Very cool! Yeah I did try the html5 and it was a no go. I'll try the Linux one though!


The biggest issue with the html5 version is the lack of clipboard support. Putting in that private key manually is a pain. That, and I think some of the textures aren't getting exported correctly.


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I will take a look at it and get back to you.

I am interested

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Great! Feel free to download the game via the link provided, and go from there.

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Web Version (Chrome Books)

Where can I try that one? :-)


Might want to read on. The html5 version is broken ATM. @eonwarped tried it, as did I, even when I was able to get it running it was topping at 15 fps, when it easily hits 60 fps on the actual system. I'm going to need a few revisions before I feel comfortable linking people to that version.

I need to read your first post first but sounds like an interesting harsh game ☺

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Sounds like a really interesting project I'm going to check it out.

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I tried the Windows version and it crashed on me upon opening. It allowed me to enter my user name and private posting key in a separate display, but that was it.

Allonian Seed bug.jpg

Have I done something wrong?


In retrospect I should have turned off debugging. The game engine seems to be a little too verbose


OK, now it came up with another options screen. So I will play further and let you know what else happens.


The crash after you put in the name and posting key is weird. Granted I was using WINE so maybe there is a Windows specific bug I need to hunt down. Thanks for the update.


Allonian Seed working.jpg

It seems promising so far.


Crap, I thought I got rid of the space man. lol, he is my scale dummy, and wont be in the final game.

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