Taking a Break ☕

2년 전

I thought I will make a quick update while I'm taking a break, since I haven't been posting on Steem for 3 weeks now. Ever since I came back from Thailand, I have been catching up with assignments, projects and studying for tests.

Photo by @varunpinto 😊

And this week is final exam week. Luckily I did an early preparation before the final exam so this week I'm chilling a little bit while doing some light revision.

I'm also taking a break from longboard, especially after the final exam since I won't be bringing my longboard back home. But I made a promise to myself that I will continue longboarding next year 😊

I will keep posting after I'm done with my final exam and hopefully there will be more contents to share 😊

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Good luck on your exams!

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Thank you Andy! 😄