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I am going to make this post short. I am trying to understand this whole new concept of bitcoin and big business. Anyone with a cellphone can see the global success of Pokemon go, and it makes me wonder why isn't this happening to bitcoin if the point is to use a digital currency as a replacement for cash. I can think of few reasons, good reasons, but I do not understand why every time I see any bitcoin or digital currency article there is a big corporation theme behind it. I know the technology requires a lot of maintenance yet this is no excuse every piece of technology requires maintenance and security, the blockchain is no exception. No, how does a video game that rewards its player with nothing gets so popular? I do not know although I do know it has nothing to do with every kind of big corporation getting involved in it. It is not like Pokemon Go is promoted to the high-profile investor only and everyone else just carries those investors on their shoulders. I think most of these digital currency companies are started on the concept of drug deal rules. Pokemon Go is just augument reality, and the whole crowd thing is what is appealing to these people. In my area, there is not a Bitcoin presence while what is here is being sold for a ridiculous amount of money, which makes me wonder if illegal activity is involved.

I have been looking for some advice on trying to do something with bitcoin. Maybe giving them away for free, or invest in a business locally. This is whole business thing with bitcoin has to stop

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It's hard to compare a free game from an extremely well-established franchise and well-respected company to a decentralized internet currency which shakes the very foundation on which the financial system is built.

You are very right that bitcoin has the potential - and indeed has had it for a very long time. It is however a very different endeavor than a game. We constantly see new initiatives - Steemit included - which all promote and advocate cryptocurrencies in general, but for the average Joe to pick it up we still have a long way and a lot of trust to go. It is for this very reason that continuously smoothing the entry for newcomers and inspiring them with appealing services like Steemit is paramount.