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It’s a tremendous duty to write your company’s first blog article. Don’t just go with the flow. With this guide, you’ll be able to do it well right away.

Blogs are great for attracting new customers. They bring in new clients through organic searches, saving you money on advertising and pay-per-click campaigns.

Here’s an interesting fact:

Companies who have blogs generate 67% more leads than those that don’t.

They also add value to your present and future clients by educating them on topics relevant to your industry and their requirements.

However, you must be consistent. It’s similar to losing weight. If you stick to a plan, your outcomes will improve over time.

In this article we goint to show you:

A step-by-step guide to creating a fantastic blog article, including planning, outlining, and writing.
Tips for Blogging
Before you hit the publish button, there are a few things you should do.
How can you attract new readers

Let’s get this party started.

Make a determination

Get some paper, establish a spreadsheet, or start a bullet journal — whatever helps you organize your thoughts and research will work.

Even if you don’t think you need to, ask yourself these questions:

What is the overall goal of the blog?
What are your objectives?
Who are you addressing your letter to?
What exactly do you know?
Who is currently contacting your prospects?

What Are You Trying to Achieve With Your Blog?
A goal is not the same as a purpose. Your objective could be to improve revenue by X%. However, simply writing to your target will merely increase your bounce rate. Even the tiniest discrepancies between quality material and a sales pitch are visible to the reader.

Consider your favorite customer if you’re having trouble figuring out what your objective is. What would it mean to you if that customer succeeded? Perhaps you could provide them with useful industry information or connect them to resources they aren’t aware of.

What are your objectives?
We want to accomplish more than simply increasing sales by X%. You’ll need to think about how you’ll get there while also giving something useful to your customers.

What do you want your followers to feel away reading your blog?

Would you like them to:

Are you ready to take action?
Establish a connection?
Would you like to learn more about your company?
Maybe it’s a combination of all three. Knowing who your audience is will assist you in answering these questions.


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Who are you directing your message to?
Here’s a tip to get your creative ideas flowing:

Imagine writing to a single individual, rather than trying to please a past teacher or emulate your favorite journalist. How would your writing alter if you were writing to a friend?

Create a buyer persona by getting to know your customer.

According to Hubspot, a buyer persona is:

Based on market research and real facts about your existing consumers, a semi-fictional picture of your ideal customer.

Consider customer demographics, behavior patterns, motives, and goals while designing buyer personas. The more information you provide, the better.


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Who Are You and What Do You Know?
Let’s divide this into two sections:
You have a distinct voice and a distinct niche.

What is the tone of your voice?

You should construct a character for your brand voice, just like you would for a buyer persona. This is something you do in real life without even realizing it. When you email your family, you have a different tone than when you text your pals.

So, what tone will your audience respond to the most?

Will you be a leader or a supportive friend? Take some time to think about it.

However, don’t imitate a voice that will come across as phony. For example, don’t be formal while conversing with someone else. Be the best version of yourself in a formal setting.

A major takeaway from market research in recent years has been the customer’s demand for authenticity above all else. Be honest.


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What Is Your Niche?
You’re writing your first blog post, so you might not be thinking about what you’ll say later. However, securing your niche today will enable you to create something fantastic later.

Creating content at random based on a few hot keywords will confuse your primary audience and result in a mess that you’ll have to clear up.

You need to figure out what your niche is. Perhaps not today, but in the near future.

So, what exactly do you have to offer your target market? And, how does your viewpoint or offering differ from that of others in your field? What’s your one-of-a-kind value proposition?

In your chosen niche, how much blog content can you produce? Remember that you don’t have to write just about your product or service in your content marketing pieces. To increase traffic, you can write around them.

Consider the following scenario:
If you sell weed eaters, you could write a piece about organic weed killers, which would appeal to customers who are concerned about and make judgments about lawn care.

Choose a Topic for Your First Blog
As you’ve probably realized, picking a topic out of thin air isn’t the ideal option.

Let’s have a look at this one by one:

Have a brainstorming session
Make a list of the top five items you believe your target audience cares about.

Consider topics that are relevant to your niche as well. We discussed how you can’t merely write about weed whackers in the weed wacker example.

What matters to your specialty audience (landscapers) as well as your general audience (homeowners)? Are you able to tackle a common issue? You could write on how to use a weed wacker after it has rained, or how to protect yourself from fireweed and poison ivy, or how to change weed eater string properly.


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  1. Identify the most attractive scenario
    Determine one of the five topics you are most knowledgeable about. Then, if you have the ability, bring it in even closer.

Consider the following example:

If you sell baking soda and are an expert at creating pancakes, but also know how to make gluten-free vegan pancakes, write about them.

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Creating an Outline
You may start establishing the framework of your first blog post now that you know who, what, and why.

You could write on the fly, but having an outline you can alter is preferable to writing a full piece only to want to rearrange it during editing.

You can either write a full content brief or build a basic structure in 30 seconds.

What Should the Length of Your First Article Be?
If you want to take it easy and just dip your toes into the first one, 1,000 words is a good place to start. The most common blunder made by beginning bloggers is to keep their posts too short.

Longer articles are favored by search engines. Long-form posts have a positive link with higher search ranks. One reason could be that Google is looking for content that meets the reader’s needs. The longer a post is, the more chances it has of meeting Google’s requirements.

Longer postings have also been shown to receive more social shares and backlinks.

How to Write Your First Article
While you’re writing, keep the following in mind:

  1. The Reader’s Perspective
    Imagine your favorite client reading it. Alternatively, your best friend. You’d want to assist or entertain them in any manner you can, right?

  2. Audience Confidence
    Develop a sense of trust. You want readers to come back, customers to come back, and relationships to last. It all starts with earning your audience’s trust and increasing your site’s authority with Google and other search engines.

  3. Don’t Use Filler
    Do not attempt to meet your word count goal by using a useless stream-of-consciousness filler.

Every sentence should contribute to the overall quality of the article. If you can swing it, every word.

You want to write a large piece, but it’s better to come in under 1000 words with a good article than to add 500 words of filler to meet the word count. Don’t waste anyone’s time with nonsense language.

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How to Edit Your First Blog Post
Don’t publish anything without first modifying it. Also, don’t rely solely on grammatical software to complete the task.

Content Structure should be updated.
Spelling and grammar
Steps to take action

How to Publish Your First Blog Post
We won’t provide you step-by-step instructions on how to publish, but we will give you some pointers.

Make Use of the Correct Platform
You’ve probably already decided, or you’re planning to incorporate a blog into a new area of your company’s website.

If not, ask yourself the following questions as part of your CMS selection process:

What are your long-term goals and objectives? What are your objectives?
What will your blog’s relationship be with your company and customers?
What kind of interactions do you want to have with your customers?
We recently published a WordPress vs. Shopify comparison. It delves into these issues in further depth.

Consider upgrading to a paid edition of a popular platform if you’re currently utilizing one of the free ones.

When it comes to images, be selective.
When it comes to including photographs into your blog posts, be strategic. You want them to be relevant and help the reader progress through the article while also avoiding any legal difficulties with usage rights.

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Rights of Use

Use royalty-free images or pay for stock photos. It’s unlikely that you’ll be penalized for using a copyrighted image, but it could happen, so it’s preferable to be safe than sorry.

Wikimedia Commons, Unsplash, and Pexels all have royalty-free photos.

Include a Call to Action
End every post with an action step. That step could be anything, as long as it’s an action.

Here are some examples:

Contact your company

Leave their contact info

Read another blog post on your blog

Visit another area of your site

Leave a comment

Share your post

Promote your article
A blog article without advertising, according to my colleague Pat, is like a house without roads.

To get your excellent new blog article in front of the individuals most inclined to act, you’ll need a content promotion strategy.

When you index it with Google Search Console, as indicated above, you’re already halfway there.

Here’s what to do next:

Share it on social media (B2Bs — don’t forget LinkedIn)

Email it to your customer and networking lists.

Use link building opportunities like guest posts for successful bloggers in your niche.

Last Words of Advice
You’re almost ready to start writing your first blog article.

Here’s some advice for aspiring bloggers:

Set a deadline for yourself, but be realistic.
Have a second person look it over.
Be eager to receive feedback (it leads to improvement).
Ranking high in the SERPs will take more than a minute.
Reach out to us on Twitter or drop us a note if you have any queries or need assistance creating your new blog.

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Best of luck! You can do it!

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