Is This Thing On?

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    It seems that I am lost among the masses on Steem. I strive to bring nice little posts almost everyday yet for as little as things I write are seen I could literally write anything and it would not matter. I could cure cancer on paper or in this case a blog post and it would go as unnoticed as a spoonful of water in the ocean.

   Right now for instance I am watching two and a half men episodes while baking a blueberry bundt cake.  I have been using Kodi and various add-ons for years now. I have actually completely done away with live tv. The benefits of this are I have no commercials and I am not beat in the head with the never ending media onslaught on common sense. It is just my lady, my two dogs, and yours truly. Living in the middle of no place in North Dakota. 

    For years I have dreamed of starting a crypto-mining on a larger scale than just my pc. I have mined various coins over the years and I have always been fascinated by it. I have never had more than one machine capable on mining. Anytime I get close to being able to afford to buy or build some rigs the universe comes along and reminds me that I am forever destined to be poor.  Quite honestly I do not know why I even bother having dreams or aspirations.  I do not know why I continue to keep hope alive. A hope that I will get to go back to where I am from and see family or meet my grandchildren.  I can barely keep my house as humble as it is.

   As I write this I am almost positive that most people will not see it. I am but one voice of many lost in a sea of nothingness. Perhaps that is where I belong. 

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We all had the same issue when we joined steemit. When you are the little guy, basically nobody will see your content. It is a harsh test of willpower.

In my opinion, the new guys have it worse than ever. You basically need to invest first, or you will likely not be able to grow quickly.

Here is my take on how to be a successful steemian:
-invest in steem FIRST!- so you can give a few cents to your followers
-post quality content on a regular basis
-don't ask for upvotes or follows
-share what you have learned about steem and steemit platform (tips and tricks)
-talk to many people on steemit, leaving meaningful comments on their content. You will be amazed about the results. This is the killer one you need to do properly if you want to grow fast.

Good luck with your journey. Maybe try to always use a picture. Some people don't bother to read a post without any picture.

Have an upvote, I see you. I know what it’s like to feel like there is so much going bad or too much against you and I learned the best way to deal is to divide and conquer. Take your issues one at a time and win those battles day by day and you eventually will win the war. I’m really new to platform and hate writing content I spend a lot of time taking pictures for and double checking info and then it gets seen by 10 people. So I truck on and keep trying, you got a some help today by someone who is also dealing with some negatives, but it’s nice to see him doing something good. Gave u and upvote and sub! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten flyover country.


Thank you!

Amen brother...

Do you have a cell phone with a camera? Take some photos of your town and around North Dakota. Tell a story...tell of the economy in North Dakota, tell of your challenges living on the edge financially...tell your story...with pictures added to gain the eye of people.

Thanks for posting a bit of your story and as a fellow minnow...upvoting you for the little bit I can!

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I do not own a cell phone or a camera unfortunately. Those are things that i cannot afford at the moment although I hope to be able to at some point.

What a heartfelt post. I can sense and feel your pain. I too write lots of really good posts and very few see them and it does get frustrating. I will tell you what i have been doing. I have brought a few friends to the site and we have agreed to bring others and support each other. We read what each other writes and upvote and comment. We do not have to always agree with what the other is posting but we do always comment and upvote because that is what is important. I invite you to join. If you do, I will follow you and get the group to do so as well.. Read one of my posts and if you like it, then ywe can hep each other. By the way, we are all motivated. Here are the names of the others right now @Thaicryptokitty and @rwmpeterjo we have four more people waiting to get their confirmations to join the platform. Look at their content too and let me know if you are in. All the best to you and again please let me know. In the meantime I read your post and it was good.


We are still minnow... Unless you can delegate up to millions of SP. You don't need whale! Tsk. Being in the right position, right person and the right group who will help you up to your expectation is what we need here. BUT, there is a but here... Don't whine. Just keep on going if you haven't had a good COMVORES (Comment, upVote and Resteemed)! There's a little bit of politics going on here even on sea!

It takes time, I guess. We are growing as creators on the platform, and the platform itself is also growing. Even with 600 followers I sometimes feel like I'm just throwing my content out there into the ether. Be patient.

if you are in the crypto world this early than i'm sure the future will be much better finically :)
stay strong my friend!


You would think but I have been in the crypto world since mining bitcoin was only done solo with a cpu. I just cannot seem to get right lol


Even with the masterplan: HODL ???

Keep your head up friend - Crypto has its ups and downs, but at least you're a part of it - and from the sounds of it, been part of it for a while. We're glad to have you in the community!


Thank you

Hey man, you are doing WAYYYY better than me. I post several times a day and 99% of the time get nothing for it.

Easy, man. Step by step. Some of us are here for almost two years.

good follow now

FWIW - I say, just keep posting your content, stuff that is real to you. Those that it resonates with will upvote and reply, those who don't, don't. We live in a society of instant gratification. That mindset won't work here. What will is, being part of a community who shares their content "directly" with one another. The freedom to choose or not to choose to follow, read, reply or upvote. Keep moving forward, the rewards are to those who persevere.

"You only as happy as you are grateful" great Quote. I mean you have your happy lady and your grateful dogs. Never surrender