Running Matters #15

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"Happy Wife, Happy Life"

My son is allowed to watch, whilst I'm having fun with his present.

a Week filled with Spontaneity

A special post today, this is my 250th post!!! Quite a remarkable feat and something I want to stand still at.

Last week has been typical for the period I am currently in, many ups countered by heavy periods of negative effects. However I am countering them all and I’m staying positive. The negatives mainly came from disappointments for not being invited for interviews. However I also received an invitation for another job interview next week, so I am taking partial strength from that.

I had a fantastic panoramic view over the Swiss Alps as I walked to my hairdresser

The week started early for me last Saturday as I had an appointment with my hair-dresser on Saturday morning. The weather has been really nice recently so I decided to walk there, which I did in a record time (for walking). After the appointment I met my wife and kids in a bakery across the street for a coffee and a patisserie.

This was also the day of out 5th Wedding Anniversary. After the coffee we went to a school nearby where kids could sell their toys and we bought some real gems over there for our kids (when they’re old enough to play with it. Until then … I can play with it 😉 I bought 2,5 Carrera Tracks for maybe 25% of the price what it would cost in the stores. For those of you who don’t know what Carrera is, have a look at this link. I think Carrera is every boys’ dream. So naturally I spent the afternoon ’ensuring that everything still functioned as expected’.

On the Sunday afternoon we’d spontaneously invited my wife’s best friend from her school period for dinner with her husband and children. In the morning I had to do my 19 kilometer run and I was a bit afraid that I might be too tired for that, but due to the ’easy’ second part of the run with my neighboor I felt good and energised and we had a really fun evening with them. That was also the reason why I didn’t post on Sunday as I was exhausted by the time they left and I pretty much went straight to bed.

We had a face to face with this submerged Croc, fantastic to see how they do that!

The following 3 days were more ‘normal’, but yesterday I had the day off due to a catholic holiday. I did my 10 kilometers really early and we decided spontaneously to go to the Zoo. Maybe I’ll do a more extensive post about that in the near future. Zoo’s are a magical place for children and I always go there with mixed feelings. On the one hand I love making my kids and wife happy, but on the other hand I hate seeing those animals locked up out of their natural habitat. As much as we try to recreate their natural environment, there’s a reason why animals in captivity don’t thrive well.

I feel ever more so since my wife and I have been on honeymoon to South-Africa and did see animals in their natural surroundings, free and with room to breathe. Those animals had a different look about them which I can’t explain.


My highlight of the week!

My highlight of the week was the trip to the Zoo yesterday, whatever makes the family happy makes me happy. ’Happy Wife, Happy life’ is even extended once you have a family, but that doesn’t rhyme, so let’s just keep it at ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’.

Last week I had 2 days without any post, but I’m sorry currently life takes priority and sometimes that also means that I have less time to post.

My posts last week:

I took this picture on my Saturday morning walk as well

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Wow. So much activities in a week. All the best for your next week interview. Wish you belated 5th anniversary. 19 km run is too much for me. Keep sharing wolfje

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