Day 9 On the Goat Farm: Riding Mower Action and Greenhouse Tinkering

2년 전

Hey, Steemfam. I'm parked on the couch, it's 5pm, and my wonderful host is behind me in the kitchen fixin' up somethin' niiiiiiiiiiice.....

I didn't get any pictures today, and frankly I'm pretty comfortable here, so you'll have to enjoy my selection of random photos and gifs from around the web on this one.

Riding mowing = fun.

This is probably no surprise to you if you've had the pleasure, provided you didn't do it for a living.

I was a little nervous considering my inexperience, but it went well. I was told my performance was above average at it as for how I fared against previous interns.

If I had to estimate, I think the total yard space I mowed was about 1.5 acres, give or take.

Chickens are curious to a fault.

Either they're curious, or just plain stupid, it's hard to tell. They just run right up to where I'm mowing, or even run in front of the mower. They definitely didn't realize they were one hard stomp away from becoming chicken salad

Greenhouse stuff

Let's see, I:

  • Planted a tray of radish seeds.
  • Added some compost material to the raised beds.
  • Added a fine layer of grass clippings to the top of the raised beds.
  • Did a bit of organizing.
  • Yanked a handful of mixed greens and one carrot out for a lunch sometime this week.

Electric fence troubleshooting.

Oh yeah, the gentleman host and I also walked the electric fence line looking for any fallen limbs that might be reducing its charge. I didn't see much on the stretch that I observed, but he apparently pulled a decent sized branch off the fence on one of the fields he was in. Afterwards, the charge readout was showing normal levels, but for some reason about an hour or so later, that level dropped down.

I think that about sums it up.

So, you know what my day looked like. What were you all up to?

<3 @writewords

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Sounds like you are learning a fair bit :) Today on the farm cattle were shifted, a tree was felled for fire wood and something went BOOOM! A post will follow at some stage with details. A busy day was had :)


I'm quite curious about the boom. Can I ask how many acres (or is it hectares in NZ) is your farm? Good seeing you in my comments (and upvotes) again, Andy :)


I only have 20 acres - I'd like more :)