How do you know where you belong?

2년 전

Some people just stay where they've always been.

I guess I did just about that until college. Even there, I was only 30 minutes away from home.

Intertia seemed to pull me down the stream of life.

That is: Until I realized everyone had paddled to the side and gotten themselves out of the stream.

That's when I started traveling.

Well, what did I see? It was a bunch of souls like me, wandering down the stream. Most of whom stayed in the boat and never paddled to the side.

Everywhere I went, regardless of the joy I might have felt -- the wanderlust -- I knew I'd never be home there.

That's what it is here in Tennessee. Their culture, their accent, their everything. It's charming, sweet, compelling. I could move here.

The thing is: I'd still not be home.

But where is home? New Jersey? Why? I don't know what I'd do there. I don't like the cold. Most of my friends have scattered all over the globe.

I guess this is what they call a mid-life crisis.

Or, it's what happens when inertia takes hold until you hit a squall and get washed ashore. Then, you must decide: Do I get back in this stream? Or, do I walk over land to another place?

I kinda miss having a lady by my side.

I kinda want to meet a sweet country gal. Then I'd be the Yankee boyfriend. Is that who I want to be? Sure, she'd love me but all the country guys she grew up with would be telling her, "Ditch that city-boy."

I know, I'm overthinking everything.

I miss my first car. I miss when the music I liked was still being released. I miss when I could eat all the sugar I wanted and there'd be no consequences.

Times were tough then too.

I'm rambling. I'll pray on it. Trust. Live for today. Be grateful. Enjoy the little things in every moment.

Here's a song I like:

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