Tennessee Goat Farm -- One Week In. First Impressions. What'd I do?

2년 전

I've now completed my first full work week here on the Tennessee goat farm. This post will consist of a high-level rundown of some of the duties & tasks I've carried out, most of which I had assistance with as I'm still learning. There will also be a bonus baby chick shot. :D



Yes, what you're seeing is an actual shot from the farm I'm at. Pollyanna at its finest...

I'm super at peace here, I must say. There's a little adjustment taking place for me getting to know and live with a married couple in their 70s whom I've never met before this past Sunday. That said, it is going well.

So, what have I been up to? Let me tell you a bit about it.

Growing plants

I'm not sure what the technical term is even. I guess gardening. In any case, this week I've done a bunch of work in the greenhouse including planting carrots, lettuce and avocado. I transplanted about 10 tomato sproutlings (not a real term apparently) today. I also got a tray of broccoli seeds started.They didn't pop up yet.

Goat care

Today was a boot camp on goat doctoring. I got experience actually wrangling goats, giving them dewormer and something called TDNT which is a shot. Don't ask me what it stands for. I actually even got to do one of the shots. Of course, right before I was given the chance, the lady teaching me said if I hit a vein, I'll kill it instantly. Thank God I didn't hit one. She told me where to do it right. That's about it on goat care.

Goats on a brush pile

Chicken care

Anyone who's ever raised chickens can tell you there's not a lot to it. You feed 'em. You clean out their coop. You make weird noises at them, talk to them, and maybe chase them a bit if you're in the mood. I'm nice to these birds because I want them to start trusting me. I cleaned out the coop one day, I feed 'em, I lock them in the coop most nights and I let them out most mornings. Oh, and I run around looking for their eggs every day, multiple times a day.

This is the bulk of what it has been all week. I'll keep it brief so as to not lose people. Depending on time and motivation, I'll deep dive some various topics. I could even get meta on some topics as well. I'm really hoping I start getting more traction doing this.


PS : I'm trying to not sound bitter, but here goes... I kinda wish I was getting more traction on my posts here. I used to have a decent little following but my having taken a few month hiatus from posting has really seemed to take its toll on the rewards that I'm receiving. Whether I make two cents or two dollars on a post, I'm not getting rich on this any time soon anyway. I wish it was doing better just so I'd be more inspired to post. Anyway, end gripe

Oh, yeah, I promised you a chick shot...

This one didn't have her eyes open right away the first day

Thanks for sharing my experience with me -- All those who've read and those who comment.

Have you ever lived on a farm? Have you ever wanted to? Would you spend a month or more of your life working for room & board only, seeing what a farmer's life is like? Let me know!

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I was wondering how you were going and then you just popped into my feed :) Glad you are learning new stuff and having a go at things not in your comfort zone - keep up the posting :D


Thanks for reading. It's a good feeling knowing you have somebody following your story.


Yea it's great to have people that are like minded etc that are there for you :) I think we all need to keep community building even if we don't always like the same things. Every vote helps doesn't it :)


Well said. I've been having a hard time of it recently. But you are right. And every vote does count. Funny, I've been on this since a few months after it started and even though I fought through the minnow malaise, I find myself right back there. Except instead of only pining after other's success, I remember my own. Back when a silly post of mine would net me $5-20 -- In any case, the money isn't the motivation, though it helps. And while validation is surely a trap, nobody wants to be alone. I'll keep posting, though, thanks for your encouragement. If I post it, they will come.


Indeed they will - head on over and read my Lie revealed post - I have some interesting farming stories for you. Maybe some things that will happen to you in your new career :)