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#steemians, I have returned and I'm really excited to venture into this new chapter with you all. It's been forever since I've been on the platform and I'm very curious to see what has happened all these years, I say years like it has been so many. My last post was a year ago. Regardless I've been very out of the loop with #steem related #news and #events. I would to chat with you all in the comments, let me know what's been happening, is there anything super exciting to look forward too?

Within the next few days I'm going to be coming up with a content plan for you all. If anything I can say definitely right now that I would still like to continue writing stories. That will be an ongoing process. More importantly I want to explore other ways of engaging with the steemian community.

While being away I've been continuing my education and studying a lot, while managing my work life, and on occasion playing some games here and there. I've had a lot of time to think about potential business ideas, it got me thinking why not share some of that stuff here? Let me know what you guys think, I feel it would be kind of cool to spit ball ideas around and who knows, maybe in doing so we can help each other out achieve the impossible.

Keep your eyes peeled for future #posts and make sure to drop a #follow that way you guys see when I post. It feels good to be back and I hope this time around I'll be here for good.


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  ·  작년

Tub Cat has also returned. As a cat-dolphin hybrid this time.

Welcome back, human.

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  ·  작년

Greetings Tub Cat! It is an honor to meet you.