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How well do you know Russian language?

Having that stuff might make you more comfortable, but will it make you happy?

Is your friend who trades stocks all day happy?

When's the last time you felt really happy and what caused it?

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No he definitely is not. He’s miserable. But there is comfort in misery.


Hah. Too true. Especially when your friends are miserable with you ;)

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Please, don't watch The Secret. It is another dream world. I guess you need to make a decision instead of dreaming of one.

They say that how you are in one area of your life is how you are in all the others.

I doubt that. Sometimes we overcompensate doing great in one area of life while messing things up in another.

I think I am at a similar place right now. I am trying to figure out what I am going to do next.

P.S. I suggest you take the kittens :) You can always move out with them.

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Well how successful is your stock trader friend? Why don't you ask him to mentor you until you learn at least 50% of his skill, and earn while you learn, then you could have both, live a travel life as well as make money from your laptop all by your self without needing another human being to pay you.

Believe you can and deserve to make progress in life consistently and repeatedly, and the universe silently delivers like mana from heaven....then scale that up, helps if you find a progress that pays you consistently that scales seamlessly at least till you surpass your 120K, kittens, and nice cloths easily.