Know yourself


The elders, who are more elaborate than young people see in the mirror, see it on a piece of wood.

First, let's get into that word.

Old: Old meaning, but other meaning, other meaning: to choose, to desire, to desire, to ask, to ask. City council. Minors can join this committee.


Youth accumulation and information collection period. The information here is stored. Undigested. The important thing is whether it is digested or not. I say originality. The original is valuable.
The bird and sheep sample is very nice; works.
Bird vomiting milk and milk on the calf.
The bird carries the food in the crop and does the same in the baby's mouth. Sheep gives milk to ground oil. I know how certain the milk is.
In other words, he gives his food. Different from different origins. The bird gives the same.
Not like a real scholar.
In other words, no vomiting, information should be processed and added.

i will go now

The mirror does not show itself, so it reflects your own body. The appearance of a young man in the mirror. Remember that that vulgar science recognizes itself. When did a young, eager man enter a smooth, bright mirror?
If the old man understands the meaning of iststılah (choose, ask, desire, ask, understand) matures. He doesn't need a mirror. Does not affect the brick piece or mirror shape with its own knowledge.

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