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We all have them, those few people in our lives we call friends.


They are there when we have a laugh or when we have a hard time. Some we see often some we don’t see enough. But what defines a friend. It is something I have been thinking about for a while now. I don’t have many people I call friends. Maybe 3-4 but then I hear people saying they have 50-100 friends? I am wondering why?

I believe people misjudge the term friends. I believe they are talking about people they know and say HI to when they are at the bar. I call them acquaintances, people you respect but you know they won’t help you when your really deep into shit. People you call to for some normal shit chat but don’t call when you have real issues.

I believe a person only has a few GOOD friends in there life. And even those come and go from time to time. My experience tells me that some of the people you call good friends become acquaintances or even leave your life after a while. How sad it may sound. Friendship does not seem eternal. But is flawed. It grows and goes away. It is no constant at all.

I myself am a difficult person and a honest one. I had a lot of friends in my days and many of them left because I am to straight forward. I say what I think when I think it. And many people can respect that when it is not about them. I always feel bad when I loose a friend and it eats me up for a few weeks to months on end.

But I feel that sometimes you need to break off a friendship. It can be because of several reasons. Sometimes the person you call a friend does not feel the same way, the friendship only comes from one side, they only need you when they need you. Other times they only expect you to be there for them. How hard it may sound. But sometimes I just say piss off when things like this happen.

A true friend is someone who understands you, (s)he does not need to agree. But respects your opinion, your feelings. Can forgive but does not need to forget. And memories that last even when you don’t see each other. And a true friend becomes family!

I hope I started a thinking process in someone’s mind about this. And I hope I strengthened you in your resolve to be direct and honest. No need to keep a so called friend around when it is only a one way street!

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