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Welcome to Mitu Blog.

My name is Mitu and I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh .

I’ve been living in a small town in Bangladesh for my whole life but my dreams have never been small. As a university student, I am struggling to combine many things at the same time such as work, travelling and studying. Besides, I’ve never been satisfied with “live to work” concept and that’s why working day and night is just not for me. Being open minded is what helped me in the time when everyone else thought that it all “was shady”. I’m talking about investing in crypto.

One of my friends told me that investing in cryptocurrency is a great idea as I could benefit a lot if the exchange rate will go up. Eventually, I bought one bitcoin at the price of $1130 in the beginning of 2017.

The exchange rate changed tremendously over time! I’ve been waiting for a perfect moment to exchange my crypto but it never happened. I always wanted a better exchange rate. A few years later I lost my investor enthusiasm completely.

In 2019 I came back to crypto market. It has a lot to offer nowadays - cold storages, wallets, exchanges but nothing with passive income opportunities. Luckily for me, one of my co-workers invited me to become a StakedWallet user. He explained me how their referral program work and what are perspectives for a long term investment. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. It’s a perfect solution for holders like myself!

It’s been 3 months since I’ve become a StakedWallet user. Initially, I added $8000 (that was the price for 1 BTC in January 2020). For the period of two months I made $1000 simply on holding! And then the deposit system came in. On the 17th of March I made my first deposit of $9000. Now my daily income is $45. In total, I’ve made $1125 since that date. And that’s not all of my income on StakedWallet!


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