It's My Dialysis Today And Some Of My Pondering About It



I re-confirmed to my renal nurse that gives the schedules to the patients but she didn't texted me back. I am not really surprised because she was one of my rude nurses that really doesn't respect me.

So we will be going nonetheless for the reason that it is better to make sure than to miss a session particularly now that it is hard to get some schedules as we are told so.

If I have more options to choose which dialysis centers I would go then I will just simply transfer over but right now the only ones that I know that can accommodate me are still full with their patients while others are either too far where I live or just simply charging more to their patients.

My dialysis center is one charge away for me to think the option to transfer to another dialysis center and I really could not wait until the more nearer hospital that is being built is completed and then if they would offer a better service and charging less then I would really go there for my future treatments.

Right now I am just not so satisfied with my dialysis because of my nurses are not meeting my expectations especially the extra charge that they are billing us and it keeps getting hard to bear the expenses that they are giving us and I am starting not to like it.

I hope that someday I will be happier with the way I get my treatments because it feels like a nightmare for me having someone in charge about how I would feel for my well-being. So if a nurse doesn't like me they will just simply disregard some aspects of my dialysis, that is what I am thinking always.

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