Blogging and Steemit



Blogging is another form of communication, networking, and publication.
I consider it the Millenial way of communication since it is popular around this time.
Blogging is not discriminatory when it comes to age, gender, including political inclinations, religion, and origins.
But then you have to consider the rights of others, the copyrights, the human rights, the animal rights (note: do not post beating your dog or cat you will be apprehended wherever you are).


Blog Post.

The content which you publish is called Blog post.
A blog post may become viral, trending or just another post.
Depending on the traffic the website generates and reach.
Readers can input their comment and provide their reaction.
Unless you restrict it, you mute or unable the comment.
Your audience who find the content worth sharing may then share the content making it go trending and viral.
The more audience it reaches the more reaction and comments it gets.


The creator of a blog post may be called a content creator, writer, photographer or photojournalist, artists, model, gamers, players, including video blogger or vlogger, composers, musician, podcaster, you name it new creators are still coming to Blogging town.
This is where content creators produce content and publish it in the world wide web.

Blog post creators are rewarded when complemented through the comments,
feel appreciated when receiving good reactions,
they get motivated and happy for their blog post whenever it goes ballistic, trending and viral.

Steemit is a blogging platform where Content Creation has a monetary compensation in the form of cryptocurrency reward or STEEM reward.

Any person who knows how to use computers can now create a blog.
With the present technology, using your mobile may also be used to post your content.
The technical aspects are covered by the website.
You do not need to worry about how and why it works.
It just works, when you click the Post or Publish button.

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With the Boom of Social Media, Various Blog posting sites were created, everyone who is knowledgable to sign up and login can be able to join.
There are sites for uploading your pictures, for uploading your videos, for uploading your audios either music or podcast and for uploading your articles or blog posts.
You can also just go on reading, commenting, surfing and sharing the site's posts.

Blogging will continue to grow and improve because of the presence of Internet Marketers, the Buyers, the Reviewers, and the Audiences, who are all looking for something that can help them, get what they need or be entertained by them.

Regards to everyone

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Steemit has for sure redefined the way traditional blogging was done. People are not only getting a huge community to share their thoughts or ideas with, but also get to earn through it, which is usually not possible on platforms like Blogger, Medium and

I would highly recommend Steemit to be tried and practised by all blogging enthusiasts out there.


Hope that more people will really try,
And experience the good things about Steemit

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It's great that you spent the time giving information about blogging in steemit, a platform that pay for your writing, a free start blogging but pay for your effort.
Promoting steemit to other also a way to keep the platform balance.
For me personally, blogging in steemit is a long term investment that need a lot of patient to be successful in it.


I believe you in that,
Just like the other successful platforms it took time for people to get used to it.

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@jackramsey, With the Technological Advancements we are now reached to a point where we have tools to share all kind of expressions. But we should remember the point of limit because sometimes people go over the line to touch the Trending Point but we should not hurt feelings in any form.


I agree with your comment
It is not acceptable to hurt others especially for our own gains.

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Thank you for your kind appreciation. Enjoy your time ahead.

Nice and explicit explanations. I mean, it is a perfect lecture lesson and I was able to pick up some points.

I would add that has evolve to the point it is not necessary to blog in order to earn. We can now earn by playing games or using certain dApps like actifit and steemhunt that require little or no writing.


Gamers and using dApps are good additions, especially beta testers and players.
Thanks for the input

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This is very informative. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope i can influence more people to join this platform. I'm trying to convince my family members and friends to try this haha. Thank you so much for sharing this and have a great day!


Very welcome,
Thanks also for the support,
Great to hear that.

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Hi there. The way you described the many things that technology can do even to those who are perhaps technologically challenged will more like come on board. I enjoyed reading your post. It’s definitely worth reading. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

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Happy to hear that,

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It is cool that you encourage people to join the Steem blockchain. You describe properly what is blogging. ;)


Happy to hear that,
I really hope more people will be able to join

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The importance of blogging and the mission of steemit. You've told the story very well. It's hard to open a professional blog site. We can do this in steemit.


Glad to hear that
I agree that it is already hard to open a new blog site, because there are already too much sites.
Here in Steemit, we already have a community, where I feel every one wants to help and succeed.

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  ·  작년

Very impressive write up and simplifying the concept of blogging and how it works on Steemit. It is good you also emphasized the importance of bloggers to be responsible in the type of content they create. Kudos.


Nice to hear that

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Goud info more interesting to know is the percentage who do not get rewarded at all and the percentage that found a way to reward himself.

It is clear a blog does not ask for any writing skills.


Glad to hear from you,
I agree that there are post that do not get rewarded, like my first post, it is kind of frustrating, it is nice to learn their percentage
It does not ask for writing skills, but it helps that it should develop along the way.

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It is hard to find them and if your own vote is worth less/nothing it can be a reason too not to vote. Lately someone told he that was the reason he did not.

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I think I'll take a coordinated effort from people like yourself and others, actively out there pulling more people into this ecosystem for to succeed and grow.

I'm going to look into the SNAX program you link to as well and see what that is about.. looks interesting.

Have you signed up with them? what is the exchange rate for snax/usd? Do you see their user base growing?


Happy to hear about that,
Yes I joined in Snax,
As per their promo it will start to be integrated tomorrow 14 of May.
Hopefully it will really add more help especially in getting traffic and being noticed.
As per the amount, it was not yet indicated.

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Thanks a million for contributing towards building STEEM ecosystem

Nice to meet you too because its the first time I'm coming across your blog


Happy to hear that.
Nice to meet you too.

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