Instagram for Business.

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Promoting on Social Media.

Guest Post by @socialmediaseo

Instagram has been one of the high flyers of social media over the past couple of years, now exceeding over 1 billion users, it makes perfect sense to promote your business on there.

Once you have an Instagram account you need to upgrade it to a business account, this is a simple operation of going to settings and changing the account from a personal one. You will also need to link your Instagram to your Facebook page and authorise it. Once all this has been done you can run promotions across both Instagram and Facebook or run individual promotions on each social media platform.

You can also share your Instagram posts to your Facebook page to get more exposure. Another tool to use with Instagram is the use of hashtags, these are the best way of getting your message out to people who actually don't follow your account. As Instagram is a mobile-driven social media platform, you can't post from your desktop or laptop, having said that there are several 3rd party applications that will allow you to do so.

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