How to Launch Your Career as a Professional Blogger?


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Do you want to become a professional blogger? If yes, then this post is for you.

Before you take any step to launch your first blog, there are few things that you need to understand such as;

  • Why you want to start a blog?
  • Do you like writing?
  • Do you have the patience to wait for months or more to earn your first dollar?
  • Do you have the required skills to become a full-time professional blogger?

Write down the answers, and you will find out how close you are to become a professional blogger or blogging is your thing or not.

Take note: The one thing that every new blogger should understand is that there is competition in every niche, and you have to wait for a long time to earn good money till that time you have to work hard or smart to turn your blog into a brand.

If the answers to the above questions is YES then you are ready to struggle because you are passionate about blogging, then you should take the next step to launch your career as a professional blogger.

It would help if you also understand that when you launch your first blog, you become a newbie blogger. It will take time, effort, and skills to become a professional blogger.

To start a professional blog there are few things that you must have:

  • Select a profitable niche
  • Choose a domain name
  • Choose a professional theme for your blog
  • Choose a professional hosting
  • Create Professional Important Pages
  • Start Writing well-researched articles

Profitable Niche:

A profitable niche is the very first thing that you need. Without a profitable niche, you cannot think of making good money with blogging or becoming a full-time professional blogger.

The ideal way to choose a profitable niche is to choose a niche that is helping your competitors to earn money, and at the same time, that niche should appeal to you not just for money, but you should have an interest.

You should plan for the long run and decide if you can stick with the niche for atleast ten years.

Domain Name:

The domain name is the address that the user types in the address bar to visit the website.

Domain name selection is one of the crucial tasks that you have to deal with. A wrong choice can ruin your chances of ranking higher and attracting visitors.

The domain name that you should choose should be simple, appealing, easy to write, easy to pronounce, and should not confuse your site with some other website or brand.

Choosing the right domain name takes time and needs some research. You can do it with the help of the Complete Domain Name guide. The guide will explain to you every single thing that you should know and impact your domain selection.

#Professional Theme:

The selection of the right theme for your blog is essential. You cannot just use any theme and expect better results.

To choose a professional theme for your WordPress blog, you should take help of theme marketplaces such as;‎, etc.

These are the places where you can purchase a theme according to your niche.

The reason why I am saying according to your niche is so that you should have a WordPress theme that complements your blog with its color, fonts, and positioning.

Also, a professional WordPress theme from a premium theme service comes with support that will help you every time you face any issue with the theme.

Professional WordPress Hosting:

Choosing the right host is as important as choosing the right plan.

There are many hosting providers online, some of them are costly, and some of them are cheap.

You can go for a cheap web hosting provider, but make sure that you should not compromise the security and control of your content.

Some of the popular brands which provide cheap hosting are;

In the beginning, choose their starter plan, and once you website starts growing, you can upgrade your hosting plan.
Now, as you have selected niche, domain name, theme, and hosting, you can launch your blog.

Important pages:

After launching your blog, the next step is to write relevant pages.

There are some essential pages that you must create such as;

** About us: **
In about us page, you should write what your blog is all about and what your readers should expect from your blog. Also, introduce yourself and why you are creating this blog.

** Contact us: **
Create a contact form and give details about how visitors can contact you.

** Privacy policy: **
Use the online privacy policy generators.

** Sitemap **
Use the sitemap plugin to create the sitemap

Once you publish all these pages, the next thing is to start writing articles.

Write a blog post:

Article or blog posts are the need of every blog or website.

To attract a maximum number of visitors, it is necessary to create excellent articles or step by step guides that will help the user.

Before you start writing any blog post, the first thing is the think or research about the topic. Create the list of keyword, check the already published content, find out what others are missing, and then create the impressive piece of content that everyone can appreciate.

You can take the help of various keyword research tools, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, etc.

Create practice guides, write how-to posts, or publish case studies. You can also publish infographics and videos on your blog.

After publishing the first blog post, the next thing is to promote that blog post.


You can promote your content by creating social profiles or pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

You can also run advertisements on social networks to attract the maximum number of visitors or generate followers.


You cannot call yourself a professional blogger without making money with blogging.

But don’t just run after it.

First, make sure that your bog is regularly getting a considerable number of traffic. After that, you can decide which way you want to monetize your blog.

**You can monetize your blog with:****

Final words:

It can take months or years before you start making money with blogging. But if you are serious enough and you can deliver according to the expectation of your visitors, then you will be able to make money quickly.

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