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Not too long ago, I stumbled across a man speaking of earning a considerable amount of money on the internet with new tech. No, he isn't doing a kickstarter. This is something anyone could do. (bookmark this)

Last night, in a follow-up video, he actually shared that his July earnings are higher than # $14,000 USD.

I think I was late to the table on Steemit. Deals seem to have been struck. Alliances melded where some posts hit $1500 and some never get anything. It's too late for me here. The reason I say that is that the man in question has been working his for less than 6 months and I've been with steemit for over 3. Not going to see $15,000 USD from this post or any other unless someone manipulates the exposure. I need money this quarter, not in 2018. I need something faster and wish I had been in on the ground floor. Since I missed this start-up, I'll be working to maximize the results on my new one.

Here is the thing. What he is doing can be found on my blog. Would be doable for anyone on here and is actually paying monthly.. not quarterly or any other fraction of a year.

I'm not telling you what it is because THAT would be considered spam. I am telling you to search out my blog. I am leaving the info on the table for anyone who wants to cash in. I took the time to stop in here and blog about it because a great deal of people have been very good to me here.

Thank you all for that. Going forward, I will come in and offer up opportunities that are proven and not subject to the mass manipulation that people on steemit have used to create a vaccum where dollars seem to go up, fractions of cents seem to go down and I'm feeling like I am spinning my wheels.

I am not giving up on steemit, I just feel my efforts are going to pay off huge elsewhere and I will use my steemit blog to document my findings. Plenty of people here are doing well and I respect that.

Please feel free to visit my blog.

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