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What is Lynked :

Lynked.World could be a blockchain based mostly system and development platform that provides a multi-faceted answer for people and organizations to have, management and share digitally trustworthy identity, knowledge and documents during a secure and convenient method. It that allows people and businesses to create made-to-order forms and applications to produce totally different services to customers, with no need to be troubled regarding the believability of shared knowledge, documents and digital identities of the entities concerned during a convenient and secure method.

Description :

At Lynked.World, our driving principle is to beat the “trust barrier” in digital identities, and digitally shared knowledge and documents with the assistance of a blockchain based mostly application development platform. With a bunch of distinctive options and patents, revealed apps each for iOS and golem devices, live implementations Associate in Nursingd partnerships across government organizations and totally different trade verticals; we have a tendency to ar one amongst the terribly initial comes to possess come back up with a tokensale not solely with a promise or an participant however conjointly with able to use merchandise and real-world implementations.

Our product portfolio consists of SaaS application varied} trade verticals with various parts like digital identity platform, configurable forms, digital notecase, verified skilled network etc., that contribute to resolution a number of the foremost outstanding problems within the current digital age. Lynked.World allows people and organizations to have, management and share digitally trustworthy identity, knowledgeand documents during a secure and convenient manner. With a market potential simply surpassing $100 billion USD and our partnerships with several outstanding organizations since our launch, we have a tendency to powerfully believe our platform has all components necessary to be the front runners once it involves.

Features :

The Lynked.World system can bit by bit integrate the subsequent elements: Digital Identity and Background Verification Platform, Digital notecase (for sharing identity and documents), Application Development Platform, Verified skilled Network, Job Portal. Lynked.World users (individuals and organizations) are going to be ready to produce a digital profile on the platform and specify such knowledge as identification records, academic certificates, skilled history etc. This Lynked.World digital identity are going to be documented via P2P knowledge verification method.

The Lynked.World team is issue Associate in Nursing ERC20 LYNK token that may be used for all transactions on the platform.

Our vision :

“At Lynked.World we have a tendency to envision and prepare ourselves for a brand new era of the digital world, clutches blockchain technologies because the primary vehicle for trust and believability to ride on, to validate and safeguard digital identities, knowledge and documents. within the method, we have a tendency to shall solid sight on new horizons for all types of applications to be inbuilt our eco system resolution day-in-life problems, whereas taking advantage of the manifold edges that blockchain technologies give. we've got a mission to steer new avenues by removing the key constraints around responsibleness Associate in Nursingd providing an innovative application platform for succeeding breakthrough towards internetthree.0.”

Digital notecase :

Lynked.World Digital notecase could be a feature made giving of our application portfolio, that aims to interchange ancient practices of getting to hold physical documents in the flesh by creating it attainable to store and share digital documents firmly and handily. victimization our Digital notecase, electronic copies of all of your personal identification and alternative documents e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, Medical records, Travel Passes etc. may be firmly hold on in your mobile device and might be shared with alternative parties victimization QR codes, on demand, along with your consent and approval. excluding the storage of digital documents, the notecase conjointly permits issue, verification of those documents by the issue authorities on the blockchain. all inside the benefit and house of an equivalent application.


The first element is used during creation of a digital profile of the user or the company on Lynked.World. During registration the participant of the platform enters various data including certificates, identification records, data from the service record or the sanitary book and also information on education and the place of residence or registration. The brought these users then will be able to use in need of their giving in the state departments or at employment. Thanks to Blockchain technology all participants will be sure of authenticity of information that will eliminate need for conducting any additional checks...

The second element is the digital purse of "Lynked World Digital". This application can be installed on the mobile phone and is used for the subsequent document transfer at visit of various institutions. On a digital purse electronic copies of the passport, the driving license, tickets and many other documents can be stored. Transfer of the relevant information will be carried out by reading of the specialized QR code from the device screen!

The third, but not less significant element of the platform is the platform for application development allowing to develop own decisions on the basis of Lynked.World ecosystem under certain needs. 

Digital wallet

Secure Storage of Identity, Data and Documents

Configured QR code

Share Identities and Documents using a QR code

Configurable Forms

Empower organizations to easily create and disseminate forms for various services

Identity & Background Verification

Ensure acceptance of digital identities and documents by releasing the power of blockchain.

Secure ID-based login

Enables limitless authentication for business applications using Lynked.World secure ID

Application Development Platform

Empower application development on platforms that uphold the trust and authenticity of identities and data

Lynked.World Mobile App:

Download Lynked.World Mobile App and be a part of the Lynked.World ecosystem. Unleash the power of blockchain toCreate your own trusted and verifiable digital identity

Use your digital wallet for secure storage and authentication of data and documents

Share your identity and documents seamlessly with others using QR codes

Securely logon to other sites using your digital ID

Get Lynked: Share, Connect and take part in our referrals program

Token Sale Timeline

LYNK token sales will begin on November 15, 2018 and continue until February 10, 2019. All sales have been split into 4 individual rounds with different discounts for the base price (0.35 USD) for each LYNK token.

Token Symbol :LINK

Initial Token Supply is :200,000,000

Start Date for General Sales November :15 2018 (09:00 GMT)

End Date :February 10 2019 (11:00 GMT)

The number of tokens for sale is :150,000,000 LYNK

Hard Cap :25,000,000 USD

Token Exchange Rate :1 LINK= 0.35 USD

Soft Cap :5,000,000 USD

Currency that can be accepted by :ETH, BTC



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