Donate blood;Save life! #Bloodletting

4년 전

Bloodletting101.jpgLet me define first what is bloodletting. Bloodletting is the surgical removal of some of a patient's blood for therapeutic purposes. When the first time I've become a blood donor, it was August 31, 2017. I felt so nervous. I felt my sweat all over my body. My knees were shaking and my heart was beating so fast before. In that time i wanted to back out, but I realize that i need to face my fear. And yes I made it!Screenshot_2018-01-23-20-04-31.jpg It just took me 15 minutes to save life.💪 And now my sister need my help. She needs blood because she lacks in hemoglobin after giving birth to a beautiful baby. P_20180119_100330.jpgP_20180123_135913.jpgHoping that she'll be fine after the blood transfusion. And once again i made it.😍 The feeling after donating or giving blood is so fulfilling. Just for once, i became a hero.

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