The most horrific game in the history of mankind, which caused the suicide of hundreds

4년 전

The 50 challenges in the Blue Whale game end with the challenge of suicide

The Blue 50 Blue Whale challenges include strange and tough challenges like long hours, watching horror movies continuously throughout the day, waking up on strange dates.

The challenge lasts for 50 days and then the game manager asks the player at the end of the suicide challenge to complete the final challenge.

Hundreds of suicides have been reported among teenagers aged between 15 and 17, all of whom shared the Blue Whale game.


Catch the inventor of the Blue Whale game

The Russian blue whale, Philip Podkin, 21, has been arrested by the Russian authorities, who admitted in investigations that the challenges of the 50th game involve self-harm and end with suicide.

He said that all players agree to the terms of the game and are well aware of the risks involved in the game to kill himself.


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