How to have inner peace and happiness in our life!

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We live in a boisterous world and this commotion genuinely contaminates our planet. Noise from industrial machinery, electrical appliances, vehicles and construction activities, etc., has a significant impact on our health. The acoustic disorder can contribute to depression, headaches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and hearing problems.

You may not be able to control external noise, but you can control unnecessary noise in your life. You must bring silence into your life to get rid of the evil effects of noise from the outside. How do you feel when you get home after a hectic day at work? You will feel relaxed because the silence of the walls of your home welcomes you. The shades, the floor covering, the furnishings, everything invites you in the language of quietness. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of your home gives you a great opportunity to relax. Silence has its language. When silence speaks, you feel completely relaxed.

Have you ever experienced nature before dawn? Have you noticed the flowers, plants, and leaves telling you anything? The chatter of the birds, the flower, and the swinging leaves welcome you all. What an incredible natural environment! Nature speaks to you in its language, in the language of peace, solitude, and tranquility. Refresh your mind and heart. Sitting in a natural environment and breathing deeply eliminates all your depression and fills your heart with joy that most people are not familiar with. The cool morning breeze has a great physical effect all over the body. I feel the silence of nature in a low voice and express my gratitude to God, even without opening my lips.

Silence gives you the courage and strength to deal with everyday routine problems. It is also a great motivating force that allows you to get rid of all the negativity in you. Silence enables you the shrewdness to successfully take care of even the most troublesome issues of your life. Silence strengthens your body against all kinds of physical and mental illnesses.

Quietness is the food of the spirit. Quiet invigorates you profoundly and causes you to associate with God. God adores the climate of quietness and addresses you in an air of complete quietness. God is consistently kind to the man who appeals to God for him peacefully and isolation.

When silence speaks, listen carefully. They won't be left alone. All your answers will be solved in solitude. Spend time in complete silence every day and enjoy inner peace and happiness. Fill an incredible void with the intensity of quietness.

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