Boardgame backed on KS: Snowdonia (ending in 3 days)

3년 전

TLDR: Simple worker placement (on the same category with 'Stone Age'/'Lords of Waterdeep') with some unique twists.

As usual, my disclaimer here

KS and BGG links:

$85+shipping for the deluxe edition, containing all the official non-exlusive mini-expansions and promos
$20+shipping for just the new expansion and stretch goals

How to play + Runthrough (by 'Rahdo Runs Through'):

What is so special about this game?

  • Trains themed game that is not a Pick-up-and-Deliver/a 18xx game.
  • Anti resource-hoarding mechanism: the more resources a player holds, the faster the game ends, letting that player less time to use those resources while other player are using their.
  • If you have nothing good to do with a worker, you can send it surveying, giving you increasing amount of points, making passing an action at the right time part of the strategy.

What else I like about this game?

  • The cards. Similar to 'Stone Age', cards have 2 parts: 1 time effect AND a score-able goal (remind me of the non-plot quest from 'Lords of Waterdeep'). You take a card, you get them both!
  • Although the game competitive, you all work together to finish building of the railroad line. You can do a bit of everything and/or specialize.
  • Well implemented timing mechanism. There are rounds it is better to do some actions, and some rounds it is worse or even unavailable:
    • You can see weather 2 rounds ahead to know the availability and efficiency of certain actions
    • You know what parts of the way/rail/stations will be cleared/laid/built soon by the AI. (The more resources the players hoard, the faster the AI will clear/lay/build instead of the players, progressing the game to its end)
    • few players can take the same action, but you can chose whether to be first/2nd/last in this action. Timing of the workers is critical, making the action more/less beneficial.

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