Daily Jobs for Bob's Repair - Oct 15, 2019

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Daily Jobs for Bob's Repair - Oct 15, 2019

These posts are made daily to the Steem Blockchain by Bob's Repair. Bob's Repair is a home repair company powered by Blockchain that stores all job information for contractors and customers on the Steem Blockchain. The purpose of storing all jobs on Blockchain is to allow customers to see how much contractors have charged in the past for similar jobs at the time of checkout, and to put social responsibility on contractors by giving customers the power to leave them true, unalterable reviews.

This post contains all jobs serviced by Bob's Repair contractors for Oct 15, 2019, and consists of three parts: a summary of the number of jobs that were solicited for today, the description and other data for the actual jobs, and the reviews left by clients after the jobs have been completed.

In order to incentivize customers to leave both good and bad reviews, customers are asked to leave a review after a job is completed and are then rewarded in BOB Tokens for their time, which they can later redeem on the website for further home repair services. These reviews are posted to this page once they become available.


Total jobs2

Jobs by area

North Las Vegas 890301
Henderson 890521

The actual job calls and subsequent reviews are posted to this page as comments. To view the data for all of the job calls and reviews for the day, scroll down to the comments section below. Job calls continue to be added throughout the day. Reviews are posted as they become available once a job is completed and the review has been written by the customer.

Due to maintenance majority of the jobs are not being posted.

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Job Order

Area: North Las Vegas 89030
Customer Number: (702) 2XX-XXXX(Juanita)
Worker: Luiz Perez

Mainline clogg $159

Job Order

Area: Henderson 89052
Customer Number: (XXX) XXX-XXXX(Jim Kxxxxxx)
Worker: Follow Up

3.5 Ton Straight Cool, 2.5 Ton Straight Cool.

Job Order

Area: Las Vegas 89130
Customer Number: (702) 5XX-XXXX(Matt)
Worker: Luiz Perez

Job Description: Mini Split System is having issues.

Job Order

Area: Las Vegas 89107
Customer Number: (760) 6XX-XXXX(Brenda Gxxxxxx)
Worker: Robert Biede

Install Natural Gas or Propane Furnace / Forced Air Heating System|Customer did not provide additional comments. Please contact the customer to discuss the details of this project.