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My computer is low on memory. Could one install the app on an external hard drive? I did this when I use to mine Burst coins.

yeah!!! glad you and more buddies trying it out ;)

I love boid and all, but I can't connect my EOS account with it. Yes, I have scatter.


Are you using the desktop version of Scatter? It must be version 10 or newer and we recommend Google Chrome. If you have the browser extension of Scatter installed, it must be disabled as it doesn't support these transactions. Also, stop by our Telegram or Discord for faster help, were in those channels almost 24 hours a day.


Theres the problem. I'm on verison 9.6. Thanks for the heads up. I'll get it connected right now.


I can't get the staking transaction to work as it says it doesn't support Ledger/Scatter combo.

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