Doing Good, And Getting Paid To Do It

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Most know that mining bitcoins without ASIC miners, and even then, is not profitable for most people. While it works for some, it doesn't for all. I found three projects that pay you to use your computer resources but in a different way.

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Proof Of Distributed Computing

Proof of Distributed Computing, or PoDC is a kinda new type of "mining" for cryptocurrencies. In short terms people give out their computer resources to a project called BOINC. BOINC is like a gigantic supercomputer spread across the whole world using the resources to for example try to solve cancer, find diseases, study global warming, etc.

BOINC has a piece of software that runs in the background on servers, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and Android. It's a really awesome project, and you can get started here:

Earning While Doing Good

To me running BOINC is doing good! But obviously there is electricity costs to keep things on and what not, though you could just run BOINC while doing work at a small percentage of power. But there are three projects I know of that actually pay you cryptocurrency for running BOINC.


This one I really love. BiblePay is a fork from Dash, but it's so much more. Actually the first block has the whole Kings James Version of the Bible in it. This project gives parts of the block rewards to Compassion, which sponsors children in third world countries with not only the money paid, but education, letters, clothes, shelter, etc. But another cool part is to run BOINC two of the popular projects, and earn from it.

Instructions are here to setup BOINC and BiblePay. I just setup this one up, so I should hopefully be gettings payments tomorrow.


Byteball is really interesting to me. It's all Javascript which isn't the norm for cryptocurrencies, AND it doesn't use blocks like a normal blockchain. But it works, and works well. And extremely cool. But one part is you can run BOINC with World Community Grid, and earn some GBytes. Warning: they says though it won't cover electricity costs, it's just to give new users some extra bytes. But what's really cool, you can run BiblePay AND Byteball at the same time, and earn with both!!!

Instructions are here. I did start this one yesterday and received a woping 4 cents. But if the price goes up and up, was $150USD now roughly $55USD, it will be worth it. Not to mention I'm doing really good work with my unused computer power.


I haven't had any experience with this coin, but it's a good project from what I can tell. I might run this as well, but I don't know if you can run all three with BOINC. Instructions are on their homepage.

I'm really liking these projects and PoDC. I encourage you to start using these coins and BOINC. I think doing this work is going to help the world.

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I mine GBytes and Gridcoin at the same time on World Community Grid, so you can definitely run both of those at once.


Sweet! Thank you for letting me know :)

It looks like you login to biblepay with the password that you use for your projects so i think it should be fine running them all along side each other. With Gridcoin you get rewarded when you stake a block most people recommend having at least 2k Gridcoin to go solo. Or you can pool mine with either Arikado Pool or Grcpool which doesn't require you to hold some Gridcoin to start.